nebumind wins Isar Aerospace as a new customer


nebumind is thrilled to share the successful integration of the nebumind software into Isar Aerospace engine component production, more precisely into the 3D printing process. The software automates the current manual analysis of recoater images, which means time savings of up to 80% for Isar Aerospace, and moves the “after process” quality control into the printing process in order to report defects at an early stage.

Isar Aerospace has integrated the nebumind software into their 3D printing process to automate the analysis of recoater images. nebumind’s image recognition tool displays only images containing anomalies to the user, therefore:

  • saving up to 80% of analysis time compared to previous manual methods
  • enabling early defect recognition due to in-process notification
  • providing quality reports for certifying critical components
  • setting the stage for future printer reactions (e.g. stopping machine, recoating again)

To learn more, read the Isar Aerospace use case and the articles in Metrology New and Metal AM.