nebumind’s digital twin software speeds up MT Aerospace’s rocket tank serial production


We are proud of what we have achieved together with our customer, MT Aerospace, especially in the complex aerospace manufacturing world, as we were able to reduce the development and qualification of a new manufacturing process for the Ariane 6 production by 6 months.

nebumind supported both the pre-development and qualification phases of a new shot peeing process, used by MT Aeropsace to form metals for the Ariane 6 tanks. By connecting robots and sensors and automating data collection, production data such as machine speed, applied kinetic energy, and resulting geometry could be fused and visualized in the nebumind software as „digital twins“ of the manufactured component.

This process transparency enabled MT Aerospace:

  • to unterstand process-relevant influencing factors faster
  • to reduce the number of trials required for the qualification considerably
  • to create the foundation for a fully automated process and later machine learning

To learn more, read the MT Aerospace use case and the article of MaschinenMarkt.