Component-specific data acquisition along the process chain.
The nebumind software merges data from different sources into one generic format and makes it available for manual as well as automated analyses.


The nebumind software collects all machine and sensor data recorded during manufacture of a component – regardless of data format, machine type and process type. This data is stored in a highly structured manner for every single component.


From the data, the software creates digital component twins, which serve not only for intuitive visualization, but also as a basis for calculations and analyses.


nebumind’s analytics applications enable comprehensive quality and process analyses that can be performed manually or automatically.

Data from inspection or testing (e.g. CT, US, etc.) can also be imported into the nebumind software and used, for example, to form correlations with the other data along the process chain (e.g. the relationship between temperature and pores). In-process sensors can reveal deep insights into manufacturing processes. Sensor values are merged with the data of machine controllers before they are uploaded into the nebumind software and thus have a very high quality. Modern machine controllers can provide data to the nebumind software (e.g. machine speed, rotational cutter speed, power consumption of all axes, etc.), giving important insights into the manufacturing process also without the need for additional sensors. Data from offline programming can be uploaded as target values, for example, in order to compare them with actual data from the manufacturing process (e.g. robot speed). Simulation models can be imported into the nebumind Software. This includes, for example, scalars, vectors and tensors from FEM or simulations.