Generating reports automatically. Report templates are pre-filled with relevant information to replace previous manual documentation efforts. Customization options still allow for individual adjustments before reports are stored for later verification or shared with others.


90% time savings:
automatic filling of reporting templates with editing options

templates predefining structure and reducing manual errors

Long-term data storage:
analyses from reports can be viewed and examined years later


Minimal effort in reporting

Particularly in the case of quality-critical components, the demands on production with regard to quality control and documentation are extremely high. Operations, irregularities and repairs must be documented precisely. Nowadays, reports are often created manually with „pen and paper“. On the one hand, this procedure is prone to errors, on the other, it is time-consuming and cost-intensive. The results are folders that are carried throughout the entire life cycle of a component.

Documentation should be automatic and digital
The „Reporting“ application replaces this considerable physical effort. The application automatically and digitally creates reports for each component.

The reports are stored long-term and can be viewed at any time and any place.

A selection of templates can be created centrally and made available to users. The application automatically fills the selected template with information. The user can add to or modify this information if necessary. Other users and departments can be assigned tasks or asked questions within the reports. These are immediately informed by mail. The final report for a component can be exported as a PDF file, for example, or stored in the nebumind software for later review in subsequent production steps or, when the component is already in use.


Selection of templates

Different templates can be created and provided to users. Restrictions on editing and individual configurations can be made by administrators.

Automatic documentation

Information on the quality of a component, the distribution of process values, certain findings or measures can be documented automatically. The documents are freely configurable for export.

Individual adjustments

Individual modifications and additions can be made in the pre-filled draft and tasks can be assigned to specific persons or departments.

Loading custom scripts / AI algorithms

Self-created scripts and algorithms can be loaded to automatically generate very specific or internal reports.

Storage of drafts

Drafts can be saved for later editing.

Automatic sending of reports

For each type of report, a mail distribution list can be set up and a time interval at which summaries and specific reports shall be sent (e.g. after every shift to the shift manager, once a month to the production manager). This can also be done later, when a customer requests a report.

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