Monitoring stability of milling process by comparing successive milling steps


Our latest use case with CERATIZIT shows how the nebumind software can be used to analyse the stability of the milling process. Having machine and sensor data stored and visualized not only temporal, but also spatial, enables a direct comparison of successive milling steps independent of milling speed or trajectory.

Sensor systems record various process parameters during the milling process to monitor process stability. Such systems assume that the process steps always run at the same speed and with the same trajectory. However, approaches of milling steps may differ, which makes the time-based visualization of process data incomparable. The stability of the milling machine can no longer be meaningfully checked.

With nebumind’s digital twin software, process data is visualized not only time-based, but also location-based. Each milling step can be overlayed with the next milling step in the shape of digital twins, so differences become immediately visible. Defects can thus be quickly identified and corrected.