making production data visible

nebumind’s analytics software stores and visualizes manufacturing data as digital product twins. The software allows you to perform analyses related to the quality of your products and the stability of your machines.


A new concept for visualizing and processing production data enables intuitive and fast analyses of component quality and process stability

So far, analyzing component quality and process stability was a manual process that required experience and intuition. With nebumind’s digital component twins, manufactures can perform such analyses systematically and online – regardless of machine type, manufacturing process and production industry. The nebumind approach enables full transparency of component quality and process stability.

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Data Management

Data of all process steps is collected for each component for maximum transparency.

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Quality Analyses

Root cause analyses across manufacturing chain for end-to-end quality assurance.

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Online Monitoring

In-process data analytics for early defect detection and constant optimization of threshold values.

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Pre-filled report templates with individual customization options.

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Qualification Support

In-process data analytics for immediately visible effects of process adjustments.

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Client Benefits

Shorten development cycles

through faster process understanding and less iterations

Reduce production scrap

through early detection and prevention of defects

Lower manufacturing costs

through more automation and constant process optimization

Shorten quality checks

through more automation and data-based quality evaluation


We are digitizing
the future of manufacturing

nebumind was found in 2019 to bring more transparency into manufacturing with the help of data. With our digital twin software we want to provide manufacturers with a tool to easily collect, store and analyze production data for every single component manufactured . We aim for a higher process understanding, more automation and smarter decision making in productions

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