Our new feature for our Anomaly Dashboard – an automatic detection of anomalies in recoater images


For the Laser Powder Bed Fusion process, a recoater App has been added to nebumind’s Anomaly Dashboard. Instead of manually clicking through recoating images layer by layer, the image recognition tool automatically identifies and reports recoating defects during the application of a new powder layer.

In the past, engineers had to evaluate the powder bed images in a laborious manual process spot defects. Now the nebumind software detects defects through automated powder bed image analysis, even across multiple component layers.

Manufacturers see this as a great time saving, especially for printing processes that run over several days, which instead can be used for defect analysis. In the near future, an online monitoring function will be added to move the analysis of powder bed images from post-process to in-process to detect defects in-situ during the printing process and eliminate rejects in production.