Our Co-Founder Caroline Albert was a speaker at the EIT Manufacturing Summit 2020


Our Co-Founder Caroline has been part of a very insightful panel discussion on „green & resilient manufacturing“ at the EIT Manufacturing Summit last week. Together with Daria Tataj, Founder & CEO, Tataj Innovation, Thomas Hahn, Chief Expert Software at Siemens AG Germany and Maurizio Gattiglio, Chairman of Manufuture ETP, Caroline talked about how Europe’s manufacturing industry can contribute to creating a greener, more digital and competitive Europe.

Her key take-aways were:

  • green manufacturing is an opportunity, we need to grab
  • green manufacturing requires manufacturers to innovate
  • innovation requires courage, but is needed to compete in the future
  • corporates have established innovation departments to collaborate with start-ups, but we need to work on the implementation of such collaborations
  • new technologies like AI and new concepts like green manufacturing require profound education to be well understood, applied and valued. We need precise use cases to demonstrate their value and to not end up with green washing.

If you missed the event, you find in this link the full panel discussion, starting at 02:30:40.