Join us at ESA’s Workshop on Advanced Manufacturing


Make sure to join us at the 3rd ESA Workshop on Advanced Manufacturing dedicated to address emerging technologies and the growing importance of digital innovation. As a speaker, our Co-Founder Franz Engel will reveal together with Marwa Klink from MT Aerospace one of our most advanced customer projects, where MT Aerospace uses the nebumind software together with an AI application to self-regulate a metal forming process for their Ariane 6 production.

In this upcoming workshop, the latest status of ESA funded research and technology development activities will be presented. Multiple round table discussions will also take place to outline the future direction of advanced manufacturing in Europe. Ideas for new activities will be collected, naturally having a direct input into ESA’s technology strategy. Areas of interest will include additive/smart manufacturing for all material types, advanced diagnostics for health monitoring and in process monitoring, virtual testing, digital twins and predictive analytics for life cycle and performance of parts, structures and mechanisms.

In this context, Franz will present our latest project with MT Aerospace, where the nebumind software is used in the Ariane 6 production, more specifically in the shot peening process used to form metal sheets into hydrogen tanks. The process is carried out by a robot in several layers, whereby the forming of one layer influences the forming of the next layer.

On the basis of the nebumind software and a specifically developed AI algorithm, the optimal path of the shot peening for each layer is calculated automatically – a prime example for smart manufacturing and self-regulating processes.

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