Visit us at formnext to see our newest feature


Formnext is just around the corner. Come and visit us at the booth of our partner, SLM Solutions, where we will present our newest feature, an Anomaly Dashboard, displaying deviations from previous print jobs or predefined reference parts.

For each manufactured component, nebumind’s anomaly dashboard displays deviations from previous manufactured components or predefined reference components. It shows at a glance, which process parameters contain anomalies, where these anomalies are located, how severe they are and how often they occurred.

The Anomaly Dashboard creates benefit across different departments:

  • to all pre-developers: faster parameter development due to higher process transparency
  • to all production operators: less scrap due to immediate notification of process deviations
  • to all production planners: higher production flexibility due to faster machine optimization
  • to all maintainers: faster process verification after maintenance or replacement of hardware