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Metal 3D Printing

The global 3D printing market is witnessing promising growth driven by the ease in customized product development and rising demand from the end-user industries, such as automotive and aerospace. It shows great potential for improving manufacturing in terms of cost and time. Due to the high complexity of the production process, a good understanding and control of the influencing factors is required in order to get accepted for serial productions.

nebumind helps you to understand the factors influencing your manufacturing quality, to control them and to automatically build reference models from good quality parts.

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Building reference models with nMaster from good quality parts



High-tech industries, such as the aerospace and medical sector, put high demands on their manufacturing processes and product quality. Their strict quality requirements can result in high quantities of rejects that might actually have been of sufficient quality.

In addition, for new production processes such as 3D printing, the quality requirements of current production solutions might not fit: For example, while current solutions apply homogeneous temperatures during manufacturing, with 3D printing it might be sufficient to apply higher temperatures at the beginning and lower temperatures at the end of the printing process.

In order to reduce unnecessary production scrap in 3D printing, higher process control and systematic concepts are needed to specify and monitor “sufficient quality”.


nMaster collects all production data recorded for good quality parts and generates reference models based on that data. This way, the tolerance ranges of temperature, speed, laser power, etc. are more flexible for every area within a part. On the one hand, this ensures that manufactured parts stay within a certain quality range. On the other hand, it helps manufacturers to produce “sufficiently high quality” parts and less production scrap.

  • stable manufacturing process
  • sufficient quality products
  • 30% less defects / rejects

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