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Carbon Fiber Placement

Carbon fibre placement is one of the most advanced methods in carbon composite manufacturing and is used for high-performance, lightweight products, such as airframes. The process is relatively new and requires frequent manual adjustments. It can therefore be sensitive to unknown factors generating defective parts. In fact, manufacturers need to repair up to 50% of their manufactured parts. To reduce such repair works and to establish process stability, systematic ways are needed to trace back quality defects to their origin and to get a better understanding of the factors influencing the quality of carbon composite parts.

nebumind can help to trace back defects, to identify quality drivers and to monitor them during manufacturing.

Our Analytics Tools for this use case


Analysing quality defects with nTrace


Up to 50 factors, such as process temperature and ambient humidity, can influence the quality of a manufactured carbon composite part. They can reinforce each other or their impact remains unnoticed until later manufacturing steps. This creates unnecessary costs by further processing defective parts.

Until now, manual investigations and multiple material tests (e.g. effects of defects) are needed to prove what quality driver was responsible for a certain defect in order to prevent it next time – time productions don’t have.


nTrace collects and visualizes production data in real time for every position (x,y,z) and area within the manufactured part. This allows manufacturers to examine an anomaly quickly, identify the responsible quality driver and fix it before the next manufacturing job.

For example, if a fibre twist repeatedly occurs at the same area within every part, the manufacturer can access with nTrace all production data recorded for that specific area for all produced parts. It allows the manufacturer to easily compare parts with and without the twist and prove what quality driver was responsible for a certain defect.

  • 80% less analyses time
  • 50% less defects / rejects

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