nebumind supports factories with their digital transformation and offers software tools to make product quality visible, analyzable and controllable. nebumind takes production to a new level of excellence.

Use Case

Digital Product Twins
to detect hot spots in
3D printing

In this use case, the nebumind software is used for metal 3D printing. Melt pool monitoring data is recorded during manufacture and visualized as a Digital Product Twin to detect hot spots and other anomalies.transparent.

Use Case

Digital Product Twins
to locate threshold violations
and reduce unnecessary waste

In this use case, the nebumind software is used for polymer 3D printing. Temperature data is recorded during manufacture and visualized as a Digital Product Twin to locate threshold violations, analyse their impact on part quality and reduce unnecessary waste.

Use Case

Digital Product Twins
to detect defect patterns
and stop machine drift

In this use case, the nebumind software is used in metal 3D printing to analyse the quality of multiple components simultaneously. It helps monitor process stability by evaluating process deviations, detecting defect patterns, and predicting maintenance.

Use Case

Effective data management with nebumind’s Quality 4.0 tools

Data pre-processing and data management can take up to 80% of data analytics projects, leaving you little time for actual analyses and insights. The nebumind software reduces this time to an absolute minimum: organizing your data automatically, assigning it to manufactured products and making it available anytime – leaving you with your actual intention to analyse product quality, evaluate defects and correlate process parameters.

Use Case

Digital Product Twins automating quality control in the milling process

Nowadays the efficiency potential in milling has shifted from the actual milling process to the quality assurance afterwards. Together with its partner Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme, nebumind transforms the previously purely visual quality control of a worker into an automated quality control, which is self-learning with every new milling job.

Use Case

Automated report generation with 3D component views and personalized comments

In various industries, the manufacture of critical components requires strict quality control and precise documentation. Today, documentation is still a rather manual process: written by hand, stored in paper files and shipped together with each component. nebumind automates this process, offers different report templates, pre-fills them, includes 3D views of the components, and leaves it to the user to add comments and highlight specific issues.

Use Case

Detecting defects and correlations across multiple process steps

By being part of the EOS Developer Network, nebumind is among the very first to integrate its software deeply into EOS 3D printers. This way, data from EOS printers can be collecting and visualized immediately in the nebumind software, making applications such an online monitoring of the printing process possible.

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