Scrap and rework are two of the biggest cost drivers in factories.
Your manufacturing data is key to increase product quality and reduce production cost.


Higher production speed, lower production costs – for the same production quality

New competition has put pressure on manufacturers in the space industry to reduce manufacturing costs and speed up production – while maintaining the highest standards of quality. nebumind helps you to keep control of production quality while introducing production modifications and improvements.


Greater production efficiency due to less qualification effort

The qualification of new machines and processes is done by means of manual process iterations and takes a considerable amount of time nowadays. nebumind helps to reduce the number of process iterations required by tracking production changes systematically and understanding their impact more quickly.


Predict production scrap, avoid product recalls in smart factories

Few industries invest more in smart factories than car manufactures. Automatic and smart quality control becomes more and more important. nebumind helps detect anomalies early, avoid further processing of defective parts and trace back quality issues to their origin.


Ensure optimum quality of products intended to improve human health and quality of life

Quality assurance is deeply embedded in the healthcare industry. To support continuous rapid technical developments in this sector, nebumind offers tools for the highest possible quality even with small-scale production.


Reduce production rejects
by up to 90%

Reduce production scrap
and product variability
by continuously fine-tuning
your processes

Identify repair needs
up to 10 times faster

Predict product quality
and recognize repair needs
as they occur

Set up machines
up to 10 times faster

Increase production flexibility
and reduce the number
of iterations when introducing
new machines or processes

Provide full documentation
of manufactured parts

Store production data for
every product to retrieve product
information when you need it

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Fully connected factories
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